Techniques to hack Whatsapp account

WhatsApp account of your friends or others can be hacked by following some methods. There are mainly two methods of accessing another whatsapp account. We are giving you detailed information on hacking techniques or access to whatsapp account. Follow these simple steps and enjoy hacking whatsapp account of your friends.

Technique 1: MAC Spoofing

A Media Access Control Address (MAC Address) is a 12-character unique identifier assigned to the network adapter of your WiFi device. A MAC address can be used to uniquely identify the smartphone of your friend to whom you want to hack your WhatsApp account on the Internet or the local network.

If you want to access your friend’s whatsapp account, you need to find the MAC address of your account. Follow the steps to hack your friend’s account.

  • Step 1: Uninstall Whatsapp Account from your device. Uninstall whatsapp
    Initially, you must uninstall your WhatsApp account from your device.
    Do not worry! Your account can be reinstalled and configured at the end of your Hacking process.
    Be careful! Make sure your Whatsapp account on your mobile device is completely uninstalled successfully.
  • Step 2: Acquire the smart phone of the target that you wish to Hack. Get the mobile phone of the victim you want to access. Although it is not very resistant, try to acquire the victim’s mobile phone.
    Victim’s mobile phone will be essential in two variant steps during the hacking process.
    Use caution when using the victim’s telephone. It does not take long and try to position it before the victim begins to locate the device.
  • Step 3: Locate the MAC (Media Access Control) Address from the Target’s Phone. Hack-other-Whatsapp-account
    A MAC address is a unique 12 character identifier assigned to the mobile device that can be served as your online identity.
    It varies from a MAC address from one device to another. Thus, find the smart phone platform that is used by the victim.
    A MAC address consists of six pairs of digits separated by a colon. For example, it looks like (01: 53: 35: 47: 78: CB).
    Smartphone Platform: How to find MAC Address?
    Android: Settings>;>; About Phone>;>; Status>;>; Wi-Fi MAC address
    iPhone: Settings>;>; General>;>; About>;>; Wi-Fi Address.
    Windows Phone: Settings>;>; About>;>; More info>;>; MAC Address.
    BlackBerry> Options>;>; Device>;>; Device and Status Info>;>; WLAN MAC
  • Step 4: Find the MAC address of your own Mobile Phone. MAC-Address1
    Get the MAC address of your mobile device and save and make sure you save it safely.
    Again, it requires your MAC address to use your mobile device after the termination of your hacking process.
  • Step 5: Alter [Spoof] your MAC address similar to the victim’s MAC address. Spoofing the MAC address allows your similar mobile look as a victim device.
    By impersonation there is an advantage of allowing you to persuade Whatsapp that you log in to your account.
    But, you actually try to log into the victim’s WhatsApp account.
  • Step 6: Install variant spoofing apps depending on the victim’s mobile device.
    Device from: Spoofing App

iPhone (or) other device: MacDaddy X or WifiSpoof.
->; Use this application to change your MAC address.
Android: BusyBox, Terminal Emulator
->; Both of these apps are available for free on Google Play.

In the terminal, type “ip link show” and you can see a list of interfaces.
Identify your MAC address.


Assume that we will use the eth0 interface. In the terminal emulator, enter “ip link set eth0 address XX: XX: XX: XX: XX: XX” and “ip link set eth0 broadcast XX: XX: XX: XX: XX: XX”, where eth0 is the interface you identified and XX: XX: XX: XX: XX: XX is your target’s MAC address. To verify that you have changed your MAC address, enter “ip link show eth0.”

  • Step 7: Re-Install and configure whatsapp account on your Device open-whatsapp messenger
    After installing and setting up WhatsApp account on your device, log in to whatsapp account of the victim.
    Enter the victim’s phone number in order to configure the WhatsApp instead of your own.
    This allows you to receive and send messages from the victim’s account.
  • Step 8: Attain Confirmation Code from the victim’s mobile phone

Check the-goals-number
During the WhatsApp setup process, confirmation code will be sent to the victim’s phone number.
Access the victim’s phone for the last time to acquire this verification code.
Enter WhatsApp on your phone.
Finally, they have successfully hacked the Whatsapp account of your target.
If you do not want the victim to detect identity theft, make sure┬áto delete the confirmation code from your device. Step 9: Change your MAC address as soon as you successfully access the victim’s mobile.Alter-the-MAC-addressIn the same way, Repeat the instructions to change the MAC address, but you need to change its address original instead of MAC address of the victim. Now, your mobile will be restored to its original position and ensures that there are no future issues with connectivity issues or Internet usage.


Technique 2: Spy Software

The easiest way to spy messages from WhatsApp is a spyware program. In the current marketing trend, there are abundant companies that are promoting WhatsApp spy programs. Despite many companies, we must choose genuine spy applications that are trustworthy. One of the best software to spy WhatsApp is mySpy which is well known for its quality and is one of the first category features. You will need to download and install the mySpy application on the victim’s phone where you want to access and control WhatsApp messages. Make sure you can keep the victim’s phone with you for a few minutes.

1. Obtain permission to control the victim’s telephone

The spy applications you use are very essential and intended for employees, parents, government officials in order to access or control the activities of subordinates, children and others. Before proceeding, make sure that the victim gives permission to access and control your mobile.

2. Select the apt application or spyware program

With some spy-app
Several spy applications or programs are offered by various application providers. Study and analyze to find a best spyware program that best suits your mobile device. You need to consider the following factors to select a genuine application.

Purpose of the application
Efficiency of the application
If you hide spy activity without being detected from the victim

So,ok to install myspy application
Buy a real application and install the application by following the on-screen instructions.
This application must be installed on your phone as well as the victim’s phone.
StConfigure the app and initiate tracking

Set-time in myspy-app
Follow the instructions to install the application and make sure that you complete all the settings correctly in order to start the hacking process.
Now, you can receive the entire conversation in the victim’s account. Successfully, you have had access to whatsapp account of your friends or loved ones.
How to Protect from getting Hacked?
Make sure your software is up to date.
Use some good antivirus that helps you to spyware. A good antivirus will not allow others to install spyware on your mobile.
Protect your phone with a screen lock, so others can not access your mobile phone without your permission.