In this simple tutorial I will explain how to use LOIC, the program that  usually uses Anonymous to launch known DDoS attacks.
First of all, let’s understand what a DDos attack is:
DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service Distributed Denial of Service Attack.
But what do these types of attacks consist of? Very simple: any computer has a processing capacity limit, and when it exceeds that limit will cause overloads.
And the servers, although very powerful, are still computers.
In what it consists then, is to use the force of the set to overload one or a set of servers so that the destination web page is inoperative.
The legality of this type of attacks is being questioned, but the truth is that they do not do any damage, nor can steal information with them.
How does it work?
The first step is to disable the antivirus because the program is detected as a virus.
We downloaded the program here …
Once downloaded, we unzip it and run it.
From here there are 2 ways to attack:
Important data for running DDoS attacks are: IRC Server: here goes the server url Port: here is the port, generally it is 6667.
Channel: by default it is #loic, but sometimes it changes.
The organizers of the DDoS attacks supply them. In this way, it is all automated. They control the attacks from their PC and direct them to where they want.
Once the data is inserted, we mark IRC Mode (HiveMind).
The program will only connect and start DDoS attacks.
First you must enter the URL the site that we want to attack (in URL, within Selected Target). For example,, or any website! (obviously, do not do it).
Therefore we must introduce
Once the URL is entered, click on Lock on, and in Selected Target an IP will appear (a number separated by dots). Then press IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER.
The program will only connect and start launching DDoS attacks.