So WhatsApp and Telegram are hacked in just a few minutes

Not that there has been much talk about the security systems of instant messaging applications that flood the markets of Google and Apple apps and that soon will receive a new contender in the form of Google Allo. After knowing the encryption systems of WhatsApp many thought that it was in keeping with Telegram in terms of protecting the privacy of users. Nothing is further from reality.

And in stating this sentence we are not referring only to the application with more downloads of the story, but also to the app created by Pavel Durov, as Thomas Fox-Brewster, the hacker who has published the videos discovering the vulnerabilities of WhatsApp does so same with Telegram, leaving behind by the legend that maintains it like one of the most secure apps of the moment.

How to hack WhatsApp in a few minutes

In order to circumvent the safety of both applications, Thomas Fox-Brewster of the common channel signaling system # 7, also known as SS7. It is a system that most telephony networks employ and, as we can see in the following video, allows a user with enough knowledge to hack WhastApp.

We can roughly say that the hacker deceives this SS7 signaling system just mentioned to replace the victim’s phone with his own terminal. In this way and knowing the phone number of the victim the hacker is able to access all the conversations of the application of instant messaging, and even participate in them with the consequent risk that all this entails.


Many think that Telegram is a much safer application than WhatsApp, in fact its defenders wield this argument whenever it comes to attack the current queen of instant messaging applications. However, as we can see in the following video of the same author we can discover how in a few steps it is possible to hackert Telegram, and in less time than it takes to be done in WhatsApp.

The method used is the same, demonstrating that hackers can bypass the encryption protections of both applications by exploiting SS7 and thus create duplicate accounts that receive all messages destined for the victim’s phone.

Despite how simple it seems for an expert user to access our personal content; Karsten Nohl, a recognized security researcher for his SS7 work, recommends the use of both WhatsApp and Telegram for their end-to-end encryption system, much safer than other messaging systems such as SMS